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The number one tourist destination in Walloon, the city of Liège hides a wealth of treasures waiting to be discovered.

With the Meuse crossing from south to north, the steep and wooded hills that surround it and its distinctive outline, there are plenty of unique vistas. It is from this setting that the city derives its tremendous charm.

Nicknamed the “ardent city”, Liège has a reputation as one of the most welcoming cities in Belgium.
Its particularly friendly population plays an active part in preserving its folklore, which is still very much in evidence.

As well as its very lively districts, Liège is blessed with a very rich cultural and artistic scene, an impressive architectural heritage, a renowned nightlife and countless cafés/restaurants.

But, above all, Liège is a student city par excellence, with over 40,000 students attending the University and the colleges, earning it the right to call itself a young, vibrant and dynamic city!

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