Our « Génération Campus » residences

Campus LIFE, top end, "full service" accommodation

This premium offering will make you forget all the popular misconceptions about student accommodation!
Service, comfort, security and tranquillity are the buzz words for this option.
The Campus LIFE offerings are available in Liège, Namur, LLN and Anderlecht (Brussels)

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A living concept designed with students in mind !

Génération campus : Un cadre de vie idéal pour étudiants

The “Génération Campus” serviced residence concept was born of the desire to offer students a new kind of high-quality accommodation. Drawing on our unique knowledge of the market, we came up with a “tailor-made” formula.

For all residences at all sites, the approach is the same.

The quality of life that we seek to offer students is reflected within each studio but also in the care taken over the building as a whole and the communal areas. Everything possible has been done to ensure that they have the ideal setting in which to focus on their studies.